New SUSHI-Z1 - New features!
4 functions, only $49 or 49€
New SUSHI-Z1 - New features!
The essential Swiss knife for DMX lighting control (4 functions)
Brochure | | Click here to buy | Thomann 49€ | Amazon $49
The SUSHI-Z1 can be used:
- As a DMX lighting controller for PC/Mac (main or spare control)
- As a link to our 3D Visualizer using the DMX input (any DMX desk)
- With Android devices via OTG cable (Arcolis or Light Rider apps)
- In stand alone mode without a computer (with 5V USB power)
Included software/apps:
- Lifetime licence ESA 2 Express software (Windows & Mac)
- Lifetime licence Arcolis Designer app (Android only)
- 1 Year licence Daslight 4 software (Windows & Mac)
- 1 Year licence 3D Easy View Connect (Windows & Mac)
- 1 Year licence Sunlite Suite 2 software (Windows)
- 1 Year licence Light Rider app (Android only)
Key features:
- Compact, robust and smart USB DMX Interface
- Easy upgrades to Daslight 5, Sunlite Suite 3, Light Rider Flame
- With the SUT technology (Smart Upgrade Tech), the 128 channels
can easily be expanded to 512 channels or even more when using ArtNet
- Library with more than 20000 fixtures from 500 manufacturers