To help get through these difficult moments we have decided to offer up to 5000 SUSHI-DS interfaces for free (in the world).
With this, you can practice at home using our DMX software over the next few weeks.
Free USB DMX interface. How does it work?
Free USB DMX interface. How does it work?

- You don't pay for the SUSHI-DS hardware (USB DMX Interface).
- The interface has 128 DMX channels (expandable to 512)
- Our older Windows software are included with lifetime licenses.
- You get 30 days free on all of our recent software (Daslight 4, Sunlite Suite 2/3, Light Rider, etc),
- You pay only the shipping cost: $10 in USA, Europe €10, UK and North EU £14.
- In other countries, shipping cost is USD 20, but we offer free any licence with same cost.
- Make sure to have a DmxSoft account, Sign-in to your account here
- Order yourself the SUSHI-DS online using the FREESUSHI coupon
- or Contact us here
- Do not forget to give us the shipping address and your country.

Together we will push forward. Take care of yourself. (New website) (DmxSoft store)
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